Tex Ninja lets you share math equations and formulas written in TeX and Markdown.

Getting Started

Open the editor and start typing onthe left panel. As you type you should see the right panel get updated.Here is the Hello World example.

Typing Math

Math equations can be inlined between double $ like this:

$a^2+ b^2=c^2$.

It can also be displayed between double $$ like this:


For more information on typing math using TeX visit LaTeX/Mathematics.

Code Snippet

Code snippet are placed between double ``` (3 backticks), like that.

Drawing Graphs

Graphs can be drawn using the DOT language. Here is an example

Formatting Text

You can also use Markdown to format text. Markdown is a lightweight markup language, for example, to display a line of text as a header you write:

# This is a header

A subheader is written like this:

## This is asubheader

For bold text use **this is bold**. You can also use lists and links.Here is a complete reference.


Before you publish an equation, you can share your editor with friends simply by sending them a link, so they can modify your text and send you a modified link back, here is the last example.